The old ages by Techomancer, Third Degree, Namoc Dravred

During the Seventh Age we lost so much. All our universities, and all the Elven universities were lost along with the pureblood elves. What follows is conjecture at best.

We know the old world was created at the start of the Third Age by the fifth God, also known as The Mad God of the Earth. From comments made by supernatural old enough to remember the event it was created as a battle ground for the immortals.

The Fourth Age started when The Mad created mortal races.

The Fifth Age started when a mortal killed an immortal for the first time. The mortal was a Dragon of legend but still a mortal.

The Six Age begins with the death of the last dragon.

It is not clear when the Seventh Age began. From the few scraps of information we have the mortals at the time didn’t know either. They just knew that the immortals changed what age it was and wouldn’t be drawn on the reasons.

The Eighth and current age began with the destruction of the world.


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