The Mortalitas are an organisation dedicated to removing the ‘stain’ of magic from the world. They believe that the use of magic allows the Shadows to enter our world and that all magic serves the Shadows. Their membership tends to worship the Regulons and don’t like Demons or Angels considering them both to be interfering and that both the Demons and Angels make humans reliant on them. Whereas the Regulons are worthy of worship as they spend most of their resources directly engaging the Shadows.

The Mortalitas are roughly divided into three groups; researchers, supporters and solders.

The Mortalitas are the third largest research organisation behind the Dwarfs and the Technomancers.

The Mortalitas have two factions; The Reverent and the Archeri.


The Reverent believe that dragons are inherently magic and so their remains cannot be trusted. The Reverent in general are much less militaristic than the Archeri. They want to defeat magic by surpassing it with science. The quiet majority are Reverent or at least would be if they actually gave the situation any thought.


The Archeri believe that there is enough proof that dragon’s are natural and that incorporating the remains of dragons into weapons is acceptable. As this is the only possible way a Mortalitas can kill a supernatural (as opposed to banishment) the idea is popular by the more proactively violent members. The Archeri are a fanatical minority.


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